Dora’s Corner – Unwanted Visitors

Hi friends! Dora, here. How are you?

I had quite the exciting week myself!

First things, first. The Super Bowl was last Sunday and the Patriots won! Dad was very happy, but more importantly I will have a few months of quiet before football seasons starts up again.

Besides that, I spent some time playing in the backyard.

And sunbathing and lounging on the deck.

I thought I could have a nice and quiet week compared to last week’s fiasco.

But then, something happened…

Mommy & Daddy fed me breakfast like usual but I got a little distracted.

Before I knew it, a bunch of birds were eating all my breakfast! I didn’t invite them! How rude!

I ran toward the birds and caught one by the tail! He got away, but I sure got his tail feathers!

Dad happened to see me for a moment and asked me what happened?

I tried to plead my case and act innocent…

But I had some evidence on my mouth…Oops! Time for some mug shots…

Ugh. Busted. Next time there will be no evidence!

But seriously, birds, stay away from my breakfast!

I hope the birds stay away from your food too, friends! Until next time!

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